Absolute safe comforting elements and the raw powder

Because chitosan has high affinity with the skin and alleviates harmful substance, swallow nest extract’s raw powder (gemmatsu) and pearl’s raw powder (gemmatsu) was used in the past.
Currently the elements that are well-known and has high effect are mixed into gemmatsu as it can be and the safest high concentrated soaps are made and sold.
Because the extract includes great amount of alcohol, ethanol and preservatives, we strictly select our raw powder formulation and achieve our motive, “To be the gentlest for the skin”.
We have formed our company’s name with this unshakeable resolution.

Our manufacturing process

Unlike the machine manufacturing method that can only provide 2% of the beauty ingredients, we use frame mixing method which is unsuitable for mass production and needs specific skills, however; this method will allow you to freely customize the beauty ingredients.
This is why Gemmatsu Sekken is known as the ultimate soap by the craftsmanship.

Our water

We strictly select our water for the Gemmatsu Sekken.
First, it has to be a pure water. Second, that quality must be incomparable.
It is true that this pure water enables the raw powder formulation and the safe beauty effect.

Our aroma

We also strictly select our aroma for the Gemmatsu Sekken.
Many customers ask, “What is this unique, rich aroma that no other soap has?”.
This aroma is from the unique Japanese flower called suikazura, also known as the Honey Suckle.
The flower language is “Cords of Love” and “Devoted Love”. It has the same thoughts towards the Gemmatsu Sekken customers.

Our foaming

So far, the Japan-made soaps were manufactured according to the Japanese water quality.
It does provide a good foaming when used with Japanese water (soft water), however; since many other countries has hard water, the soap’s foaming was not effective.
Because we wanted our Gemmatsu Sekken to have the creamy foam also in the countries with hard water, we researched and developed the soap’s material multiple times.
Our Gemmatsu Sekken can foam well with no issue when used with either hard or soft water.
It is a soap that can be used anywhere around the world.