• Futuno Mama
  • 40s Woman
  • ★★★★★

I saw the HP’s foaming video and they were only scrubbing it for few times, but the foam started to build so quickly that I thought it was some kind of magic.
I wanted to try that foaming so as soon as my soap arrived, I tried with the foaming net.
I tried not to scrub it too hard like I always do and gently scrubbed until I felt like it was enough, it interestingly foamed very quick.
You wash with those foams and I felt like it was still building up on my face.
The foam was very dense and it won’t fall if you flip your hand upside down.
My skin gets so dry that after cleansing, I need to apply lotion as soon as I can. Lately, my cheek area started to get saggy, my wrinkle line stands out and my pores gets wider so the face right after I cleanse is the face that I hate the most.

However, when I tried this soap, my skin was not dry and it was moisturized, so I was so happy that the light wrinkle lines and the pores were not standing out.
I realized what “Soap just like the beauty cream.” meant with my own skin. I enjoy washing my face and want to put the foam for a long time to keep moisturized.
In the morning, I wash my face in front of the sink so it is hard but, at night bath time, I use the leftover foam around my neck to cover with all the good ingredients.
The scent is from a flower called the honeysuckle and it gives a rich aroma. This makes me relaxed and I love it that I could fall asleep when taking a nice bath.

  • nozomi_99_kimuraさん
  • 30s Woman
  • ★★★★★

The soap’s high-quality packaging, scent and the rich foaming makes it perfect to be called a luxury soap… It’s my first time using a soap like this ❤Having 13 types of safe, healthy beauty ingredients, it is just like a beauty cream.
I have been using pumping type foam cleanser since it takes less time, however; the foam did not have the right density and still felt like it didn’t wash off my dirt completely. Because I apply heavy makeup haha.
On the days I have heavy makeup, even I double cleanses my face, it felt like it did not cleanse completely and was considering of getting a new one.
And the one that came up to me is this soap! haha.
Being a little bit surprised with the high-quality packaging haha, I tried it immediately. The foaming net came with and I was so happy.
You scrub only a little and can build a nice foam quickly! And the scent that gently comes with the soap makes me happy~ ❤Can’t help but to gently cleanse more, massage my face using more time, and by so, I feel like my skin is getting more cleaner and love washing it every day~❤The smell is called honeysuckle. The flower language is “Cords of Love” and “Devoted Love”.
Really, this whipping cream like foam’s aroma can tell how much the developer really cared with love❤

  • Piyomaru
  • 30s Woman
  • ★★★★★

I could say this is the best facial soap that I have used so far.
The price was not cheap so I was curious how it will really be like but then, it was worth it.
The smell was not too strong or week, it was very rich.
I don’t know how to explain. I really thought this was a real scent (*^^*)
It is called Suikazura (honeysuckle) which is unique to Japan.
The flower language is Devoted Love ★The foaming net comes along with it 3 I was able to make a nicely dense foam with just a little scrubbing. It is easy.
And the foam is very smooth and bouncy! I’ve never seen one like this haha. After cleansing, I could tell my skin got brighter and it is refreshing but not tightening my skin.
This is perfect. I think I found the one.
This is how a real soap looks like (^^)

  • Tomi
  • 40s Man
  • ★★★★★

I had a really dry skin since my early elementary school days and had eczema.
Especially, both knee area had severe symptoms and was prescribed with the medicine from my doctor, and it did help me calm temporary but did not complete cure.
However, I started using HIRONDELL SOAP (for 3 months) and at first, I was skeptical but now, my symptoms are gone and it is completely cured. The dryness and the itchiness are no more. Honestly, shortly after using it (around 2 weeks) I started to see some changes and around 1 month of using, my symptoms were gone.
It was unbelievable! Now I know that it is not just for your skin, but also beneficial for your body. I still use this one soap to wash my face and body.
I am very happy that I met this soap. Thank you!

  • v
  • 40s Woman
  • ★★★★★

First of all, the foam is very dense and I get excited washing my face❤️Even after cleansing, it does not tighten my skin and keeps the moisture!

  • Hazuki
  • 30s Woman
  • ★★★★★

With just a little amount, you will have enough density and the amount that you can cover your neck area too! I was surprised with how my skin maintained moisturized even not applying lotion as soon as cleansing, and still I’ve only used it for 2 weeks, I am very excited for my cleansing routine!!