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It is a new coil technology facial mask that has never been seen before.

G-ZERO COIL FACIAL MASK is a completely new facial mask that focuses on coil technology. It does not irritate your skin. Just simply wear it on your face.
1.When you put on the mask, the coil creates a zero magnetic field on your face.*1
2. Normalizes bio-currents, promotes increased blood flow, and*2
3.Activating the natural power of the skin.
4.We aim to create young skin that looks minus 7 years old.

*1:Based on ion density measurement test results.
*2:Based on blood flow measurement test results.

The G-zero coil makes your entire face a power spot phenomenon.

The G Zero coil (celpap coil) is a special coil that integrates right- and left-handed enameled copper wires. Zero magnetic field is created by canceling out the positive and negative.(patented) By wearing the G-ZERO COIL FACIAL MASK with 32 G-ZERO COILS,the zero magnetic field function normalizes the bio-current throughout your face as well as promotes increased blood flow. Coil technology provides care from the inside of the skin.

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By activating the self-regenerating power, it creates high quality blood flow and leads to a return to beautiful skin.

To create beautiful skin with firmness and moisture, it is important to take good care of the skin from the deep layers that form the foundation of the skin. G-ZERO COIL FACIAL MASK works on deep skin care with the power of G-ZERO COIL. By regulating the "bio-current" and ion balance flowing in the skin, it activates the skin's "self-regenerating ability" and creates "high-quality blood flow. In a synergistic effect, it is said in many literatures that it also promotes collagen production.

Reduce electromagnetic waves and positive ions and even regulates the skin's barrier function.

In recent years, the number of people with sensitive skin has been increasing. It is said that this is due to ion imbalance and disruption of the skin's barrier function caused by stress and electromagnetic radiation. When the barrier function is disrupted, moisture is lost and the skin surface becomes cracked. It allows foreign substances to enter the skin, leading to problems such as rough skin. G-ZERO COIL FACIAL MASK reduces electromagnetic radiation and positive ions while simultaneously regulating the skin's "barrier function" to protect and beautify your skin.

(Blood flow test)
A silicone sheet with 9 G Zero coils (Celpap coils) attached is placed on the cheek for 15 minutes to measure blood flow.

Material, antibacterial, ionic, blood flow, and skin changes…
Evidence of safety and functionality was obtained.

The silicone mask is made of "food-grade antibacterial platinum silicone," which is said to be the safest material available, because silicone, which adheres to the entire face, should not cause skin problems. In developing this product, the most important consideration was safety. The materials used for the coils and Velcro tapes are skin-friendly, and the construction does not use any adhesives. Its safety and functionality have been tested by third-party organizations and evidence has been obtained for material, antibacterial, ionic, blood flow, and skin changes... We have obtained evidence for all of them

In a 24-hour patch test conducted by a third-party organizations, both coils and silicone were certified as "safe products" with an irritation index of 0.00.

And no power supply required. Electricity cost is 0!
It is economical and it is also a key point to be able to do "beauty while doing".

Available in black and white.
For all men and women who aspire to improve their beauty.
We invite you to take advantage of the new power of coil technology.

We focus on ion balance and bio-current.

Aesthetic Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Mariko Yamashita

In today's society, the environment increases positive ions due to the spread of smartphones, home appliances, electromagnetic radiation,stress, and other factors.
These phenomena are also said to be the causes of skin problems.
Each human cell has positive and negative ions. When the balance of positive and negative ions is normal, blood is distributed throughout the face. It also maintains the balance of the bio-current. The skin's metabolism is increased, and the barrier function is also improved. Disturbances in bio-current can further lead to disturbances in the autonomic nervous system, which leads to rough skin and skin aging. It is important to maintain a balance between these two factors. In particular, regulating the bio-current is an important factor because it promotes growth, metabolism, proliferative action, and cell division effects, etc.

Cosmetic Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Mariko Yamashita

After graduating from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, she became a dermatologist.
She is not only a dermatologist, but also has a wide range of activities. She is involved in cosmetic medicine, preventive medicine, and nutrition, and she gives lectures in various places. In addition to her educational activities in cosmetic medicine, she also engages in medical education as well as educating people about cosmetic medicine.

Exclusive booster beauty serum
When used in combination with
a mask, the baby collagen will be
proliferated and the skin will
become soft and supple.

"HIRONDELL C SERUM" is an introductory serum which is newly developed for G-ZERO COIL FACIAL MASK with ingredients such as hydrolyzed swallow's nest extract, vitamin C derivative and eggshell membrane. When used in combination with a mask, it promotes the growth of collagen, especially baby collagen, restores the skin's elasticity, and also promotes a whitening effect. It further improves the skin's texture and makes the skin supple and moisturized.