HIRONDELLE Premium SeriesHIRONDELLE Premium Series



  • HIRONDELLE SOAP premium 85g
    (With whipping net)

    ¥13,200(tax included)

    HIRONDELLE SOAP premium 14g

    ¥2,200(tax included)

    HIRONDELLE SOAP premium 14g
    (With whipping net)

    ¥2,420(tax included)

  • Never seen anything like this.
    Natural swiftlet’s nest, Ise-Shima’s akoya pearl, Tottori prefecture’s chitin and chitosan, platinum nano colloid and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8… Created with the richest safe, healthy and beneficial elements to your skin.
    It will not tense but provide smooth and rich skin. Soap that can be also called as a beauty cream.
    Start you day with a smile from the moisturized and cleared skin.

    - Ingredients -

    【Natural swiftlet nest’s extract raw powder】
    Beauty elements that includes Sialic acid, EFG (epidermal growth factor), FGF (fibroblast growth factor) and mucin. Provides smooth, dewy and moisturized skin.

    【Pearl raw powder (Ise-Shima’s akoya pearl)】
    The pearl’s raw powder element, Conchiolin can prepare and provide clear moisturized skin.

    【Collagen raw powder】
    Help maintains moisture into the skin barrier and produce healthy skin.

    【hyaluronic acid raw powder】
    It is known as the 3 major moisturizing ingredients along with collagen and ceramide. It provides dewiness and keeps the moisture.

    【Ceramide raw powder】
    It remains in the stratum corneum and helps prepare the skin and keeps the skin clear and moisturized.

    【Proteoglycan raw powder】
    Has high moisture retention and prevents from getting dry skin with providing smooth and moisturized skin.

    【Glutathione raw powder】
    Peptide that forms from 3 amino acids, Dartamic acid, cysteine and glycine, helps maintain healthy skin.

    【Chitin・Chitosan(Derived from Sakaimoto, Tottori prefecture crabs)】
    Having high biocompatibility with the skin, it can help even out the tone, prevents irritation and maintains healthy skin.

    【Platinum nano colloid】
    Ultra-refined platinum into nanometer unit (one billionth meter). Protects and maintain smooth clear skin.

    【Acetyl Hexapeptide-8】
    This was invented as the same ingredients as the Botox. Helps tighten your skin and provides smooth dewy skin.

    【Japan refined honey】
    Includes vitamin C・B2・B6 and Polyphenol which helps maintain youthful skin, it can prevent dryness and provides moisture to the skin.

    【Silica (Derived from silicon)】
    Being a partner ingredient with collagen, Elastin and hyaluronic acid, it provides smooth moisturized skin.

    【Pure water】
    Fundamental beauty ingredient, pure water. It increases each ingredient’s activity

    ※Additives such as paraben, alcohol, petroleum-based surfactant and synthetic coloring are not added.