commitment Commitment to HIRONDELLE SOAP

Not an ordinary, Gemmatsu Method.The making of “HIRONDELLE SOAP”.

Not just using one, but using 7 kinds of raw powders to make a soap is not an ordinary method! Starting with “Really?!”, we have earned the joy of making the perfect soap…

When I first heard about developing “HIRONDELLE SOAP”, my first impression was “No way!”. That’s how much the manufacturing process was unique compare to other conventional soap.
In the cosmetics industry, usually there are a lot of products that describe themselves as “mixture of OO ingredients” when the beauty ingredient’s raw powder is diluted around 10 to 100 times into 0.03% extract, however; this soap contains the actual beauty ingredient’s raw powder like never before.
This became possible by using the Gemmatsu Method (raw powder additive method) that made factories cry.
At first, it was challenging as the raw powder wouldn’t blend in, the yellow color became stronger as you heat and the smell from the ingredients were unstable.
Changing the heating period and the temperature, while experimenting more than 20 times.
When we finally able to stabilize the color and the aroma of the soap, we immediately informed the outcome to the director, Mr. Akazaki, but he’s answer was always, “I want to make more, further ideal soap like nonother.”.
Especially the ingredients had to be natural, that it had to be safe enough to directly put inside our mouth.
Every day, Akazaki Director would come to the factory and discuss and experiment to select the right mixing ingredients.
Among others, the new ingredients, acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and platinum nano colloid which has the anti-aging effects such as, wrinkles and dark spots can be differentiated to other competing products.
Akazaki Director’s passion and the commitment towards soap makings were full of ideas revoking the past stereotypes.

As a manufacturer, I am honored and pleased that I was able to partake in this product development which became the safest and has excellent beauty benefits, and something that you can immediately notice the difference.

Omoto Corporation Co., Ltd Factory Manager Masayo Watanabe

This is a blessing of human skills that no machine cannot do.Development of HIRONDELLE SOAP

To consist 7 natural raw powder ingredients, every one of them has to be gently blended in in order to have the balance. We delicately handmade the kettle-cooked solution by the talented craftsman using the frame mixing method.

“HIRONDELLE SOAP” is not a machine mixed soap.
If machine mixing were used, you can let the machine do all the work, can produce mass amount and could lower the manufacturing cost.
However, we wanted 98% of ingredients to become the soap’s base and even if we wanted to include other moisturizing or beauty ingredients, we could only add 2%.
Having 13 ingredients in the “HIRONDELLE SOAP”, it was impossible to manufacture with the machine mixing that can only blend 2%.
Therefore, we chose to hand make the “HIRONDELLE SOAP” with “frame mixing”. This was from the strong commitment of developing the ideal facial soap whether it takes a lot of time.
Additionally, the soap that contains countless natural ingredients tends to deform by the natural drying.
For these reasons, our “HIRONDELLE SOAP” is inspected by person, gently polished by the human hands and individually wrapped with high quality to prevent from oxidation.